Construction of the Promised Land Nursing Home

"La Tierra  Prometida geriatric home is an important project that aims to provide a safe and comfortable home for elderly people in our community at risk of vulnerability....."

...We can purchase necessary building materials, hire skilled laborers, and furnish the home with equipment and supplies needed to care for our seniors.

Our team of experts is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment that promotes the independence and dignity of our elderly, in a warm place like Tocaima-Agua de Dios, Cundinamarca in Colombia!

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We already have the land, but we need your help

With your financial support, we can buy the necessary construction materials, hire qualified workers and rent the machinery for the construction of the nursing home La Tierra Prometida.

Construcción del Hogar Geriátrico La Tierra Prometida

Equipment rental

equipo humano para construir el hogar geriatrico

Human team

Construcción del Hogar Geriátrico La Tierra Prometida

Construction Materials

Fundación Fer El Buen Samaritano´s Work

Fer El Buen Samaritano Foundation works in 7 missions in different cities of Colombia, provides help in markets, Christmas gifts, school kits and material and spiritual help to children, families and the elderly to help them have a more dignified life. Discover the work of the Fer Foundation for the elderly in Colombia.

But most importantly, your donation can help restore dignity and hope to those who have been marginalized, excluded, or forgotten.

Thank you for considering making a donation!

The place has been selected and planning and design has been completed, with the involvement of architectural and engineering professionals to ensure that the home is safe, accessible and welcoming to our residents.

Hogar geriátrico la tierra prometida

Pbro. Luis Fernando Valencia García

Project Manager

We want to show a project that we hope to carry out with the help of God, of both natural and/or legal entities. It is a home for the care of the elderly and people who require palliative care who need it well. For this reason we want to invite you to be part of the Fer el Buen Samaritano Foundation and help us with your economic contribution to build this place.

Rewards for our benefactors

Discounts from 5% to 50% for you or your family in the future.
Certificate of donation for reduction of taxes and/or encumbrances before the DIAN.
Right to publicity of your company within the facilities, on our website and social networks.
Honorable mention for his great social responsibility towards the less favored.
Inscription in the golden book will be prayed every day for your health and well-being or that of your family. Or we will attend to any religious requirement that you may need.

Advances in the construction of the geriatric home:

¡Stay tuned on our social media and website for more updates on construction progress.!

Construction stage

You are currently:

Cercar los linderos
Construcción de un aljibe
Mantenimiento del lago
Instalación del contador de energía
Instalación del contador de agua
Casa del cuidador y/o mayordomo. (Está construcción es necesaria para que nos pudieran instalar los servicios públicos, nos evita el pago de arriendo cuándo vamos a trabajar en la misión y servirá a futuro como lugar de descansó para los practicantes del hogar.)
Canalización de las aguas lluvias
Cultivo de hortalizas para el auto sostenimiento del hogar geriátrico
Arreglo de la vía interna

In Colombia we have enabled these collection channels

Or internationally through Paypal you can make your donation

No. 310 565 8148

Desde tu cuenta Nequi o en cualquier corresponsal de Bancolombia

No. 310 565 8148

Desde tu cuenta Daviplata o Davivienda

No. 18034728077

Cuenta de ahorros a nombre de la Fundación Fer El Buen Samaritano-Nit 900263084

No. 136060050028

Cuenta de ahorros a nombre Luis Fernando Valencia García. C.C 94.365.493 de Tuluá

No. 6882064784

Cuenta de ahorros a nombre Luis Fernando Valencia García. C.C. 94.365.493 de Tuluá

¡Thank you for considering supporting this important cause!

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Every donation you make changes lives. Help us restore dignity and hope.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will help make a positive difference in the world.

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Thank you! for your generosity and compassion.

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